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Articles in the ‘General improvement’ Section

Becoming a relaxed driver

I've been driving cars for 17 years now and I love it. I always considered myself a pretty balanced driver. I rarely break speed limits intentionally and I don't block traffic by driving way below the speed limit. I don't get too close to the bumper of the car ahead of me and I don't stay in the left lane when the right lane is empty. I sometimes stop for others politely and I never give other drivers the finger Read more

Forgetting important lessons gets them into your system

Back in 2008 when Anna and I had just moved into our current house, amongst the stuff we bought was one particular ceiling lamp. We both liked the look of it in our hallway. Just a small issue: the lamp would have to hang down from the ceiling a tad too low for my 1m92 (6 ft 3). We decided to hang it there anyway.

Naturally I bumped my head into it quite soon. Luckily the lamp hangs from a Read more