Just how Super Are Your Super Supplements?

Indeed, more than ever, people are focusing on nutrition and nutritional supplements to help them live healthier, longer, and happier lives. In fact, nutritional supplementation with the correct nutrients manufactured with quality ingredients and administered through studies rather than randomly flat belly tonic, can be very effective in helping people live healthier, longer, and happier lives. Of course, eating a healthy diet and exercise are also vital for vibrant optimal health.

Sure almost all companies talk about their quality, and some even go as far as referring to their products as super supplements, you know, one of those state-of-the-art completely safe comprehensive super supplements that is nutrition-packed with powerful ingredients to help reverse the effects of aging among others.

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So, in our opinion, it’s easy to talk quality, but through our extensive research there are only a few manufacturers that actually achieve it! There are of course many reasons for this such as dishonest management and pressure from shareholders to cut corners and improve profitability — just to name a few. However, as consumers, there are a few steps that you can do to help safeguard yourself before purchasing those super supplements promising you the world in regards to their efficacy.

Creatinine, a substance produced by the body that can help generate brief surges of muscle energy during certain types of athletic performance. Many others who use creatine monohydrate, a supplement used as a derivative, can gain up to 15 pounds and gain muscle mass. However, it is mostly water retention. After you stop taking the supplement, you will lose the weight and feel less strong. Again, nothing lasts a lifetime. Another negative side is that you can’t constantly use creatine since this would cause your body to permanently stop producing creatinine (body produces it naturally). You can be on it for just a couple of month and then take it again a year later.

“All you have to do to get these products is walk into a food-supplement store, ” says Gary Wadler, M. D., a new York sports-medicine specialist and adviser to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. That’s because a federal law, the 1994 Dietary supplement Health and Education Act, allows supplements to be sold to consumers of any age without rigorous safety testing and without meaningful oversight of product quality.

Little is known about the long-term safety of these products in adults, and even less about their effect on youngsters. However, if the supplement industry has its way, at least ever-increasing numbers of week-end athletes will consume some of these products.

“Sports nutrition isn’t just for hard-core athletes any more, ” Anthony Almada, president of a California supplement company, told an industry journal. “It’s for anyone seeking energy improvement, ” he said, or “a woman who wants to tone her body and lose a few pounds, or a person who rides a bike and wants to perform like an athlete. “

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