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How to revive your blog after 1.5 years

For this master plan to work, you need to have a blog that's already up and running. If you are regularly publishing new blog posts, you don't qualify: severe blog negligence is required. You haven't posted anything on your comatose blog in months? Great, let's get going. What's that, your blog has been dead for 1.5 years, like this one, and is starting to smell funny and walk the streets at night, moaning and looking for alive blogs to nibble on? Congratulations, you are the perfect candidate!

Do you want to blog?

Before you start CPR-ing your blog, there's one question you need to ask yourself: do you actually want to write on your blog? Do you find it appealing, or do you have other reasons to blog, for example to wallow in the glamour of publishing without being read, or to hit on people by showing off your fancy writings? If you don't really like to write, don't bother reviving your blog. It's doomed to die an even more horrible slow death than last time.

Step 1: stop thinking, start writing

I have held the intention to write new articles to follow up the huge quantities I already published (exactly two articles) for the last 18 months. It's been real busy, I've had hosting problems, there was a southwest wind, I got hungry and several other excuses made sure that nothing got done. Thinking about intentions got me nowhere. Now I'll just start writing, it's the only way. It's really that easy and I know you can do it too.

Step 2: Publish your crap anyway

If you start writing again, you may fear that what you write sucks. Woe is you, for what you created does not please the gods! You'll press delete and - if you're lucky - start over. That way it takes a long time to get any posts published, it's never good enough. You'll quickly become unmotivated and pull the plug on your blog again.

Good enough for who, by the way? Your blog is dead, nobody is reading it anyway, remember? So who cares if you post crap. By posting regardless the quality of your text, you allow yourself to get into the flow of writing and publishing again. You get a lot of practice and you will improve quickly, while finding the right voice for you to write in.

Incidentally, your blog will be found much easier if you generate content voor search engines to find, so you might even gather some (likely masochistic) readers. Also, your posts might give you inspiration for new posts, creating a wave of new ideas and publications. Or you could, you know, just sit there and wait for the blog to magically start writing itself. It might happen.

Why are you still reading this?

Go on, start writing, you eediot! Oh well, if you insist, here's one more tip. Make sure you publish the start of your blog revival ASAP, just like I did with this article. It will get you going and that one reader that did stick around (yes, you, hi there! :o) might come kick your ass if you dare to stop blogging again after such a passionate declaration!

About the author

Marger (1976) lives in the Netherlands. He shares free articles about his personal growth and his insights on the world in general.

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  1. I was planning to write a post on my blog... My last post there was May 2010. Reading your article MADE me write it. So I did! Thanks 🙂


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