Conditions prior to trying the massage

Self-massage is among the most cost-effective and quick ways to find the relief of muscle pain. The massage techniques listed below are very simple. Anyone can apply these. These recommendations can help prevent injuries, improve mobility and relieve pain.

Although this is safe advice offered by a certified professional massage therapist, you should stop when you feel any discomfort or consult with your doctor for any specific medical condition prior to trying the massage.

  1. Be aware of and modify your posture: Are your legs crossed while sitting? Do you sit with your money in your pocket? Do you have to turn your head towards the side in order to glance at your screen on your computer? Do you do repetitive movements? Do you tend to carry your child on the same side of your body? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, most likely you’re creating muscles imbalances, Ataşehir masöz that might appear harmless now but are actually the precursors to injuries. The solution is to identify the root cause. best way to get rid of pain.
  2. Hydrotherapy: Do you need to ice, or do not use ice? That is the question most often asked when it comes to muscle pain and injuries relief. If you are unsure, apply ice for a maximum of 10 minutes. Ice is normally used to decrease inflammation (an overly healing reaction that results in redness, pain as well as swelling and heat) that usually happens during a sudden accident like an ankle injury. The use of heat is limited to when there is no further inflammation. Its role is to improve circulation, which helps in healing. It calms the nervous system as well as reduces tension in the muscles. 20 minutes of practice is enough.
  3. Self-massage: Tennis or golf balls are useful when you need instant muscle pain relief. You can roll the ball on your neck and shoulder using the palm of your hand to loosen tension in the neck muscles. By placing the ball on the floor you can lay your upper back (the soft area that lies between your spine and your shoulder blade) and your lower back (avoiding your spine) on top of it. Maintain your knees bent while you use your legs to keep your body rolling over the ball. Another self-massage tip for sciatica is sitting on the ball in the chair and place your hands on the armrest to support you and for pressure control.
  4. stretching: Think of the muscle like an elastic band. It is likely to stretch more and more easily when it’s warm than cold. The same principle applies for muscles. To stretch tight neck muscles keep your eyes straight ahead, and then bend your neck to the point that your ear is leaning towards the shoulder on that same side. It is possible to add some weight on your hands and hold it for 2 minutes or 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times. Do the same for the opposite hand. It might seem like a long time however it’s essential to help muscle memory. A shorter time than 30 seconds is unimportant. Another stretch for the hip/buttock as well as the lower back region is to sit straight on a 90-degree angle chair and to cross the right ankle with either the knee of your left or the thigh. Set the right hand over the knee that is bent to the right and gradually lean forward by applying pressure to your knee, thereby increasing the stretch. You will feel a comfortable stretch. keep it for 2 minutes or 30 seconds. Repeat the process 4 times. Do the same with your opposite foot.

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