Brazil Holiday: Stopping At Rio

Often referred to as the best city across the continent of South America, this vibrant and eclectic place isn’t the political capital of Brazil but it is the beating heart when it comes to national and cultural identity. With many iconic spots to see – like Corcovado and Sugar Loaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer and the host of the largest annual Carnaval – this is somewhere that is a must-see for South America travelers.

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You could spend a lifetime getting to know Rio, most visitors spend just a few days. The following highlights will help you get the most from your stay.

In Rio, the problem probably isn’t going to be figuring out what to do while you’re there. The most difficult part is sticking to your itinerary and making you leave one place to find another. You will be hard pushed to not find something to do is this wonderful city at night or during the day . There are actually many excursions for nature lovers as well.

Of course, Rio is best known for Carnaval, held each year in either February or March. If you want to go there then, you’ll want to make your plans well in advance so that you can book your preferred hotel. There will always be many chances for dancing and music all night around the year. Going to see a samba show, for example, is a great way to spend an evening.

The city is also known for its beaches, such as Copacabana, Ipanema, Aprador and many others that are less touristy. More than one person has said that Rio is full of some of the most beautiful people in the world and these beaches are perfect places for experiencing that. If lying on the beach isn’t enough for you, there are day cruises allowing for sights of such wildlife as dolphins, parrots, kingfishers and turtles.

A trip to Rio wouldn’t be complete without going to the 38-meter tall Christ Redeemer statue that overlooks the city. To get there you can either hike through the stunning scenery of the rainforest and take in waterfalls, vistas and streams or get on a cog train.

Sugar Loaf mountain (Pão de Açúcar) is an example of a different well-known destination, and one where you can find breathtaking views from the top. While the usual form is to take the cable car up the mountain, some people decide to hike it instead. All but experienced climbers will need to take the cable car the last bit of the way.

Old Rio is a great spot to enjoy so that you can take a break from the modern world of Rio de Janeiro with a look at colonial architecture. Otherwise, you could head to Santa Teresa on the tram. Here, you’ll find the more bohemian side of town where colonial houses are now inns and art studios.

It is important to understand the neighborhoods of the city so that you are clear on where you should go or where you shouldn’t. A bit of local knowledge and common sense is important as well because, like any large city, there are some spots safer than others so be aware where these our so you can enjoy your trip.

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