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Becoming a relaxed driver

I've been driving cars for 17 years now and I love it. I always considered myself a pretty balanced driver. I rarely break speed limits intentionally and I don't block traffic by driving way below the speed limit. I don't get too close to the bumper of the car ahead of me and I don't stay in the left lane when the right lane is empty. I sometimes stop for others politely and I never give other drivers the finger Read more

How to revive your blog after 1.5 years

For this master plan to work, you need to have a blog that's already up and running. If you are regularly publishing new blog posts, you don't qualify: severe blog negligence is required. You haven't posted anything on your comatose blog in months? Great, let's get going. What's that, your blog has been dead for 1.5 years, like this one, and is starting to smell funny and walk the streets at night, moaning and looking for alive blogs to nibble Read more

Forgetting important lessons gets them into your system

Back in 2008 when Anna and I had just moved into our current house, amongst the stuff we bought was one particular ceiling lamp. We both liked the look of it in our hallway. Just a small issue: the lamp would have to hang down from the ceiling a tad too low for my 1m92 (6 ft 3). We decided to hang it there anyway.

Naturally I bumped my head into it quite soon. Luckily the lamp hangs from a Read more

Overcoming hesitation towards new undertakings

Sometimes an appealing opportunity comes along, or you get hit by an idea to start with a new project in your life. Perhaps you fall in love with someone and desire to pursue a relationship. You could get sick of your job and consider a career switch. You might want to build your own dream house. Or on a smaller scale, you could be interested in taking an interesting course to learn new skills. Maybe you plan to actually finish Read more