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This website is aimed at anyone who is willing to grow as a person or to read about me doing just that. Perhaps some of my articles can assist you with that and if not, they may simply entertain you. The goal of this site is to share my insights, ideas and knowledge with you. I hope you will find the articles inspiring, motivating, enlightening or amusing in any way.

About Marger

My name is Marger. I am male, born in 1976 and I live in the Netherlands in a city called Utrecht, together with my amazing girlfriend, our son and two awesome cats.

A couple of years ago I discovered I was completely stuck in life. My life was drenched with all sorts of fears that controlled almost everything I did. That made it hard for me to freely enjoy anything. After struggling within my own mental walls for many years, I finally admitted my problems to myself and got professional help in 2004. Since then I have learned so incredibly much about myself and the world around me. I came out of my seemingly safe shell and moved from defending my life from the world around me, to absorbing and enjoying that same world.

I am so happy with all the personal growth I have been through and will keep going through, that I want to share every discovery with anyone who will read them. It seems only natural: I enjoy writing, sharing inspirational material with others, the English language and growing as a person myself, all of which I can combine by writing articles on this website. I develop myself by writing these articles and may take some of you with me for the ride.

An About-page can only tell you so much. Learn more about me just by reading my articles!

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