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Learning from life illustrates my quest to get the most out of my life and hands you ideas on how you can as well. I believe that continuous learning from our everyday lives is one of the reasons we are alive. From the moment we are born we automatically start absorbing everything we can from the world around us. We shouldn't stop doing that just because we reach adulthood, or because we are 'getting too old', or because someone tells us to or for any reason. Personal growth keeps me fresh, young of heart, lively and happy. On this website you can read all about it.

Finding your way on this website

I have made an effort to make browsing this site as easy as possible.

  • The site revolves around the justMarger blog, where you can flip through the articles, starting with the latest content.
  • You will always find the latest headlines and a link to the full archive in the sidebar on your right.
  • There you can browse through the articles by thematic section as well and if you want to know more about me or contact me, check out the 'About Marger' part.
  • The right side page menu on top (and way below) of every page offers some additional navigation.
  • Finally, below every text you'll find a few options for navigation or other useful actions.

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