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There are many different weight loss programs available for every taste. Many times program is just adapted to the preferences of the particular market. Many people believe that only by cutting calories and constantly counting them they can lose weight and maintain it. Many programs are created around this belief.

Others think that the exhaustive exercise is the key to losing weight and they can find a program that advocates just that.

Yet another group thinks that the main culprits are different macronutrient groups – sometimes it is fat, sometimes carbohydrates or protein. And, as you guessed it, there are literally thousands of programs to satisfy this particular need.

Every program creator tries to come up with a new twist to “position” himself in the market. Program based on new diets, new forms of exercise, harmful drugs, miracle health supplements or everyday foods, detox programs are being developed every day.

Do they really help? Not really. There are more overweight people now than ever before.

Concentrating so much on food and weight develops unhealthy relationship with food that results in starving, overeating, feeling guilty and …eating even more as a result. It also leads to weight gain because when we concentrate on something and make it the main point of our life it eventually comes true.

The path to weight loss definitely doesn’t include weighing 私人補習英文 oneself every day, starving and doing exhaustive exercises.

If you really want to lose weight, start with your mind, with yourself. Believe me every solution to any of your problems is within you. Clear your mind of negative emotions, start loving and accepting yourself, forgive people in your life for anything you think they’ve done to you and forgive yourself; take full responsibility for your life.

I can’t forget the phrase that Zig Ziglar, one of the best motivational speakers, used in his seminar “I was overweight by 100 pounds by choice. I said by choice because I’ve never accidentally eaten anything”. The main point is that you are responsible for everything in your life.

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