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In this tough economic time we are seeing a variety of businesses either are closing shop or are filing bankruptcy and it’s tragic. So many people I talk to say that it’s just part of life and what is expected due to this terrible recession we are all dealing with. Right now it is hitting hard and it is definitely more than just the small businesses going belly up. Businesses of every size in every industry are being affected in some sort of way.

Recently I’ve noticed larger businesses and corporations that I thought were unstoppable in the plus size industry fall victim to the recession. One that hit me particularly close to home was the closing of Figure Magazine published by one of the “big dogs” in the plus size fashion industry, Charming Shoppes Sherry Dyson . This was the one publication I truly enjoyed reading which targeted full-figured American woman and I assumed that it would stay afloat since the closing of MODE Magazine back in 2001. In a letter which was addressed to their readers back in February, Figure Magazine and stated that they would no longer continue publishing the magazine due to “unprecedented economic times and unfortunately are unable to continue publishing.”

So now with the slim-to-none selection of publications that target plus size women like myself, we are forced to either purchase the fashion forward Vogue that appeals mostly to the straight size consumer or we can turn our direction to the web where a variety of E-zines (online magazines) and plus size fashion blogs are available that do focus on the full-figured American woman. I want the same things that the straight size consumer wants, but I want to see it on someone I can relate to and have it available in my size. Is that too much to ask? When left with a clear choice and very few options, I searched and searched the web for resources so that I could stay on top of trends, in-touch with the curvy news, and connected with the plus size community.

As the Internet continues to blur the line between public relations and marketing, tracking the impact of your public relations programs has become a vital means to maintaining a healthy bottom line as well as preserving your company’s positive reputation.

More than ever, companies are relying on their websites, blogs, e-newsletters, e-news releases, podcasts and other online media to aim information directly at current and prospective customers in addition to their public relations targets.

They are also applying social media such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with growing sophistication as public relations and marketing tools.

Besides using public relations initiatives to build and strengthen their positive reputations, companies now depend on such programs to drive customers into the purchasing process and generate revenue.

The result: Tracking both the marketing and public relations impact of your communications efforts involves more than collecting news clips and media mentions. It means that at every point where your organization makes on-line or in-person contact with prospective clients and other key audiences you must ask this one vital question:

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