DVD Quality Movie Downloads – Is this for Real?

By now people are discovering that downloading movies from the internet is great. It makes the movies you want accessible at the tip of your fingers.

Having this technology is great, it makes watching movies Kissanime so much easier, but the question is, are these movies DVD quality? Are they living up vrs a DVD?

These are the questions anyone can ask, and it depends on what quality of the movie your downloading and the file type. For starters what you want to download is always a Divx Movie. Divx files are the newest type of files. What they do is they compress the audio and video and turn a normaly huge file into a new file that is about one third the size.

When you download a divx movie, it has a great DVD quality to it. It’s not exactly like a DVD but it can be good enough to stay at home downloading your movie.

When you download your movies, it’s pretty easy to burn them onto a DVD and watch them as many times as you like. But what I like to recommend, and do myself, is that I actually download movies as samples. If I download the movie, and enjoy it, then I will go ahead and buy it as a DVD.

Downloading DVD quality movies on the internet can take from 2 to 8 hours depending your connection, so I always recommend to download them from a high speed internet access computer. You also want to make sure you have over 500 MB’s of free disk space at minimum, and if you have over 1GB that’s optimal.

There are various software programs that give you access to download movies online. Some of them are good, because they have high speed downloads. There are places where downloading movies is based on a P2P system (peer to peer), which means that you are downloading the movie from another user. These can be great because you can get the best movies faster, although sometimes you have to be careful that the titles are confusing, meaning that you download one title thinking it was another one.

The advantage when downloading movies from these programs is that you are getting them for free. You pay for a one time fee and then you just fire up the software and you can inmediately start downloading movies. These are great, but just be warned that you might find the ocational user that confuses the title’s and you download Ace Ventura thinking you were going to get Scarface.

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