A Prescribed Worship For a Prescribed Vision – Using Worship to Focus Our Vision!

Proverbs 29:18 says very plainly “Where there is no revelation (Vision) the people (Yes..even Christians) CAST OFF RESTRAINT: but happy is he who keeps the Law.”

According to 1st Sam. 3:1 it is an awesome privilege to receive an open vision from the Lord because in those days it was rare to receive one.

God is unlike some parents in that he will not hand out privileges like candy to his children. He gives these to those who have spiritual maturity, God cannot entrust riches such as his presence to those whose Vision is limited to their own image instead of God’s!

What is a Vision from God and what does it entail?

A vision is a glimpse into the time-line as God sees it, a “Birds eye View” so to speak. God will reveal his more perfect plan and the purpose behind it to alter man’s bad directions either to change your personal issues or a National one! If you are in line with his will God will go out of his way to pursue and overtake you with blessings BUT at the same time if you or the Nation you live in are outside his prescribed will, in order to really succeed as a person or a nation he will pursue you to judgment and once judged he will be there to pick you up and heal you!

The Church does NOT control Worship, God has prescribed his Worship for a specific time-frame. How do I know? Look to history, every revival that has occurred has happened upon the waves of Worshipful experience. God knows all things, he sees revival times long before we do because he can view the “time-line” from heaven and begin his purpose to direct the time-line according to the prayers of his people that he foreknew!

God has prescribed his worship at a specific place in time to coincide with a specific vision..Why? Because he has a specific people that he has prepared for a specific time-frame to bring about his will in the earth. There are NO accidents with God, he is in complete control. In Isaiah 49:15-16 God said of his people in Jerusalem:

“See I have INSCRIBED you upon the palms of my hands; (Think about this the next time you think God has forgotten you!) your walls (Jerusalem) are continually before me.”

But this was long before Jesus’ hands were pierced by the nails to his cross that God used this analogy to describe his love towards his people Israel.

In Romans 11:29 (From the Amplified Bible)

“He never withdraws them once they are given, and he does NOT change his mind about those to whom he sends his call”

Luke 12:48 says:

‘To whom MUCH is given, of him shall MUCH be required.”

Whenever the Church receives a vision from God the whole body of Christ must share in that vision, it is not meant to be a secret given out for favors or pressure by doctrinal scare tactics. Those in ministry will be held accountable for the vision given to them. After all there is a “time-frame” in question here as no vision given to the Church will last forever, it must be fresh in order to be used! The Vision of the old days is NOT the Vision of today even if it resembles in some way that previous Vision it is NOT that same Vision.

Read Ephesians 4:11-16 and find out that the whole body MUST grow Vision 20 together. The “New Man” the Church of the newborn should see as God sees “The entire Picture’ because the Vision creates a format for her direction.

There cannot be ANY lone ranger Christians because God dwells ONLY where the “shared Vision” rests NOT in the lonely mind of a deceived minority. It’s a foregone conclusion that without a godly Vision, one produced from the faith of God and not “the Babel mentality of the world” that idea will fail in the end!

A Vision from God ALWAYS comes from the top down to the body of Christ. And at no time does God ever put a soul person in charge of dolling out the Vision slowly to benefit a certain denomination or religious group! God’s Vision is by God for his people as a whole not just the few. This is what’s wrong with religion in the first place, if one looks at denominations today you can witness first hand that God’s Vision is not in them because it’s the old “Us against Them mentality which they form into a vision for their group”!

Isaiah 49:8-13

Says a Vision from God comes at a preset, fixed and acceptable day and time for the purpose of setting free the captives to do what God has planned for them to do in that day. Without God’s PERFECT timing the Vision can’t take place! We should keep in mind that any time God shows his mind to us that it’s MUCH bigger than one man or one women, in fact it’s bigger than all of us and must be taken more seriously than our political denominational ways! God is always at the Center of his Vision as he is with his Judgment if that Vision isn’t followed!

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