A College Degree is the Foundation For a Solid Career

Not only does a college degree help workers get a foot into the door at many prestigious businesses, it can be the solid foundation of a lifetime career path.  While individual work responsibilities and duties evolve and change over time, the skills learned in college are often essential to being trusted with new tasks and having the opportunity for those professional advancement opportunities.

With the economy in the state it is, job applications need every advantage to be seriously considered for a position.  Younger workers have been particularly hard hit by the weak job market, and its getting harder for them to compete with workers with a long history and many accumulated skills.  Without a college degree and relevant experience, young adults won’t be invited to many employment interviews.  The degree itself may not be enough to guarantee a job, but it will always be a certain head start above those prospects who don’t have one.

While it is obviously possible to find an entry-level kiến trúc position without a degree, it may still be extremely difficult to ever move up from those low paying tasks.  Even if you prove yourself as a capable employee with hard work and loyalty, managers are increasingly looking for individuals with degrees for higher paying titles.  It isn’t impossible to work your way up from the bottom of a corporation, but these days you’re likely to see a lot of new recruits jumping into positions you’re still working for.  Not only are the candidates with college degrees starting higher, they also have a better chance of being trusted with new responsibilities.

Another factor favoring higher education is the increased reliance on technical certifications and licenses.  Many professions within the high tech fields creating the most jobs also require some form of testing and certification.  To keep up with employer demand, this means college programs are preparing students for the licensing exams and helping to guide them  through the steps required.

Financial worry is probably the number one factor that stops students from pursuing a higher education, but the best way to secure your long term financial security is with the earning power that comes from a college degree.  If you want to stay in demand in today’s job market and put a great foundation under your career path, right now is always the best time to return to college and earn a new degree!

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